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Money Back Guarantee

We will offer a 10 day money back guarantee on any unused and/or unpackaged items returned in their original packaging. This will, of course, will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Exhaust system conditional guarantee

We or a qualified installer that meets our specifications installs our complete exhaust system with catalytic converters removed on a stock Gen II (96' and newer) viper that we see to have no mechanical setbacks and that has made normal power on a recent dynometer test, guarantee the purchaser a 50 rear wheel horsepower increase over his stock horsepower or he will receive a full refund upon return of the exhaust system in its original packaging and in undamaged condition. We reserve the right to have the car dynometer tested at our facility in the event of a discrepancy and any fees/expenses will be that of the owner should the vehicle exceed the guaranteed horsepower gains.

Restocking Fee

All items will have a 15% restocking fee in the event of a cancellation. 


No returns accepted of any item after it has been installed on a vehicle (unless the item is our complete exhaust system), or in the case of blister packed items if they have been removed from their package. 


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