The Welch family has been involved in drag racing and other forms or motorsports since 1957. Welch Brothers Racing began in 1982 by campaigning an original 1968 SS/AA Hemi Barracuda. Since that time we have produced dozens of money winning, show quality race cars (see a few in the pictures) that have and still do, capture the hearts or Mopar enthusiasts everywhere.

We purchased 2 GTS Vipers in 1998 and of course our desire to go faster led us to performance upgrades. We, like most of you were na´ve at first about performance upgrades for the viper. Who does them? What is the cost? What other logistics/gymnastics are involved? After talking with, investigating, shopping prices of most of the tuners we quickly realized one common thread, ridiculous prices for lackluster performance.

For this reason we introduced BTR Viper Performance. Our mission statement, to provide a low cost alternative to high performance upgrades that will allow our customers equal to if not superior performance while retaining the reliability, drivability, and value or their Viper in its stock configuration.

We test our products on our own Vipers and have since run 9's at over 140 MPH with under $8000.00 in upgrades and we are still testing and improving.  Our upgrades are strictly Bolt-On. And can be installed and removed with ordinary shop tools and require no modification to your stock Viper!

Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding our products and services.

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