Another Supra bites the dust... Tom Welch's 750 Super Snake vs. Angel Robles single turbo Supra. Click here for the first race #1 and race #2.

February 2002 - 1.46 Second 60' time - Congratulations to Lee Saunders for rocketing his BTR 750 Super Snake to one of the fastest 60' time ever seen in a Viper. Click here to see the time sheet.

February 2002 - Byron Stewart's 2001 "Cream Puff" with BTR Stage 3 Heads, T&D Roller Rockers, BTR Nitrous "Optimized" Cam -
Click here to see the dyno.

February 2002 - Tom Welch's BTR 750 Super Snake dyno results:
on the motor, nitrous NGP (nitrous, propane and race gas) and NGP + 2nd stage of NOS.

December 2001 - First "Cream Puff" to make a 10 second 1/4 mile run - Byron Stewart's BTR 750 Super Snake. Click here to see the video and the dyno.

BTR's new 750 Super Snake Performance Package
with propane and without propane.
10/23/01 dyno run

This is a dyno sheet for BTR's 550 Performance Package.

This is a dyno sheet from Byron Stewart's 2001 Viper with BTR's 650 SS package.

This is an actual dyno run from one of our Vipers.

These are actual drag tickets from one of our Vipers.

Actual before and after dyno runs by Viper owned
by Mr. Lee Saunders. 


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